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Avensis 2005 (55 Plate) 2.2 D4D Nsf Wheel Hub


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Hi Guy's

After developing severe steering shake and brake pedal judder while braking, I got out the dial gauge to find the cause. The fault is the passenger side front hub is way out of spec, the run-out is 0.17mm!

so after waying up different options new vs old I need to know will a 2008 model hub fit (cause its cheap and on ebay) Main dealer wants £98 for the hub plus £111 for the bearing OUCH. Will the petrol models also fit?

Ps hitting a kerb at 40 plus mph to swerve might just be the cause!




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I checked my reference site, and the hubs and axles share the same part numbers, between the T25 and T27. Engine type did not matter and all were manual.

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Update- they are different! the 2008 knuckle has a different ball joint :-(

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I rechecked the info on ToyoDIY and that site shows the following:

43502-05040 centre hub is for Mk2 Avensis from 2003 to 2008.

90363-W0001 wheel bearing Mk2 Avensis from 2003 to 2008

43212-05060 Knuckle Mk2 Avensis from 2003 to 2008

If the knuckle/hub are from a late Mk2, why don't you change your ball joint to the donor knuckle/hub?

My error is that the Mk2 is different to the Mk3.

The Mk3 from 2009 have a different one piece hub/bearing and I confused it by thinking it was 2008.

The wheel bearings for the Mk2 are very expensive, even at Euro car parts where it is more than double the cheapest for a Mk1!

I hope you find a solution.

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Thanks Konrad, the other problem is my hub (43212-05060) has 30 spline teeth and the hub I have off the 2008 car (43212-05052) has only 26 spline teeth for the driveshaft.

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