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Engine A Question To The Wise.

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I've scratched my head so much lately over this that I've got a sore patch! Recently my 2003 Corolla Verso broke down on the M6. The wife was driving and she had her 87 year old mother with her. (There's an opportunity for a Les Dawson joke there!). "There was a loud clattering noise that sounded like it was coming from the heater, then it lost all power and ground to a halt on the hard shoulder."

I was really disappointed because we like this car a lot and, as everyone says, these engines are supposed to be bomb proof (I read loads of reviews before buying it 2 years ago).

When they were Green-Flagged home late that evening I was told by the truck driver that it sounded like a bottom end problem (another opportunity for a mother-in-law joke). I towed it to my local garage and the mechanic thinks it's maybe dropped a valve. It has 140k on the clock.

Nobody has so much as undone a nut yet so we don't know the real extent of the problem ..only that it starts and rattles loudly. I plan to take the sump off to investigate in the next day or two.

I've been looking at replacement engines on the internet and it turns out that finding one is a real minefield. You think you've found something suitable and then read horrific reviews about the people who are reconditioning/remanufacturing and selling it.

The engine number is 1CD 0331216.

Now! The big question to the wise is, 'Are all D4D 1CD ~ FTV 2 litre engines the same? I've seen a few under the heading of Corolla Verso but they seem to be less common and more expensive than those from an Avensis. Currently there's a 'low mileage' engine for sale online, Will the 1CD ~ FTV engine from an Avensis fit straight into the Corolla or is it very different? Will the 1CD ~ FTV from a Corolla saloon also fit?

I'm wondering how difficult it is to do a transplant myself but I'm a bit wary because the bloke at the garage told me it's a 12 hour job and at £60 an hour probably not worth having it done by them. If it's 12 hours for a skilled bloke that means it'll be a 12 week job for me!

If I do go down the replacement engine route and if the forum allows, could anyone advise me please, of a reliable supplier who doesn't charge ridiculous prices?

Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to TOC Bruce

This section of the forum is for you to introduce yourself to other members and not for questions about your car

You should be asking your questions in the Corolla Verso section where hopefully you may get a reply :)

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Thanks Red.

I'm a newbie in every sense of the word!

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