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Retrofit Cruise Control To Gen2 T3

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Yes, you will have to inform the insurance company that you have retrofitted a cruise control

I had both my Gen 1 Prius and my current Gen 3 Prius "CCd" - in all cases I contacted my Insurance Company and they noted it, but didn't charge me anything.

Always better that they have these things on record so there's no possibility of them being difficult if a claim is made and they find out then.

I also make sure they log my parking sensors, black box camera, side protection mouldings etc, just in case.

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Sorry to drag up an old topic - I bought the parts to do this on my 2005 T3 Prius and got my mechanic to fit everything but it doesn't work. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Do you have to 'tell' the ECU or something that CC is now fitted for it to work? This was the stalk which it claims is compatible with a 2005 Prius: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202820443043 (I also got the appropriate brake switch).

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I also had a company 2007 T3 fitted with the cruise control switch and brake switch (although with official parts obtained by and fitted by my dealer) and it just worked (as it did on two Gen 1 and one Gen 3 Prius).

They may have needed to install a fuse, but I do remember on the first Gen 1 they did they said it was already there.

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I have taken one of these stalks to pieces.  The mechanism has nothing complicated in it.  The switches simply connect three different value resistors across the two connecting wires - the 'intelligence' is in the controller at the other end of the wires interpreting these values.  The button on the end of the stalk just shorts out the two wires momentarily, to instuct the CC to switch 'on'.

On our Auris, the CC stalk was just plugged in for the first time, and it worked immediately.  But on VW group cars, as you say, you need to tell the relevant module that CC has been installed, via diagnostics, so it knows to 'look' for it.

I'd be surprised if the stalk was duff or incompatible.  If it was still off the car it would be fairly easy to check it.

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The only things I can think of:

  • needs fuse somewhere
  • faulty switch
  • one or more connectors not securely engaged
  • wiring damaged somewhere

The brake switch isn't relevant - if that doesn't work properly, it won't prevent the CC from engaging, but will stop it being cancelled when the brake pedal is pressed (not something you'd want though).

Just a final long shot - you are pressing the button on the end of the stalk first to switch the CC system on, aren't you?  The word "CRUISE" should light up in green on the dash.  Once it's done that, you need to be going over about 28 mph for it to work, flick the switch down and it should then hold that speed.

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Thanks, yes doing as you say doesn't bring up the word Cruise. Nothing happens at all. Also checking around as best I can online there doesn't seem to be an associated fuse.

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There is a long thread on the Auris part of the forum about fitting a cruise control.  On page 28 (!), I post the some simple tests you could do on your stalk if it is off the car, but there is more information in the thread that might be relevant, if you have the time to find it. 

I appreciate you have a Prius, but I don't remember an equivalent thread about that car on this forum.



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