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Starting Problem Warm Corolla


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Corolla 2.0 D4D 2006 starts from cold without any problem but when warm will take 20-30 sec of turning before firing. heater plugs are ok ( 2 new) no fault codes are shown on reader. scv valve has been sugested but Toyota dealer and local motor factor says u cannot buy scv valve without the pump for this model . can a scv valve be faulty and not show a fault code? and is there any way of checking the valve? any other solutions to starting problem


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99% sure the problem is the starter; Brother had the same problem with the same car, thought it was the Battery, and changing the Battery did cure the problem for a few months, but then started happening again.

Turns out there is a problem with the starter that causes it to jam slightly when warm, which makes it harder to crank and also draws much more power than it should.

Had quite a few people here with this problem a few months or so back and IIRC in all cases it was the starter motor!

Toyota supposedly revised the part (Although annoyingly it has the same part number as the original!) which should stop it happening in the future. No idea about pattern parts tho'.

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