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Exhaust Heat Shield

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I reported recently that I thought said part was starting to literally give off the old death rattle. Changed Oil in Funnerburd Too today, and noticed the shield was missing two bolts, and could spin freely round the catalyser whose heat it was there to dissipate.

Immediately I thought of Penny Washer Davrav........pants.........10 minute drive to Anchorman's best mates in the blue byler suits........9 minutes later drove off with a jubilee clip the size of shcm's brain securing the heatshield to catalyser.

Wife now on a lounger behind me with factor 30 on..........coz sun shines out of me in her opinion.........car now deathly silent in comparison. (Imagine calling a 4.2 petrol "deathly silent"......)

Kev Ra Goodguy.

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Are those suits not now called onesies??

See you got the old sand running in the timer then!!

I use a marked candle mesen

Del'O'the dell

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Naw, Arfa.....when the boys at Hillington renewed your exhaust, they found this piece of nearly galvanised mild steel hinging doon, and used it as a frisbee........

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