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T Sport Snapped Driveshaft

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So, yesterday whilst crawling through a multistory at 5mph looking for a space, the (drivers side) driveshaft snapped.

Cue a three and a half hour wait for the RAC (bearing in mind I had my two week old son with me) and an approx £350 bill.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

I was more than a little surprised really, the rola's only done a smidge over 50k, and it's not like I've been ragging it around like a seventeen year old virgin in a vauxhall corsa, especially not since the birth of my lad.

I could've half understood it if I had my foot down, but walking pace?

I'm just glad It didn't go on one of the ramps in the multistory.

Is this a weak point on the car? I defiantly haven't been bouncing off any kerbs or over speed bumps at silly speeds in my period of ownership before someone brings up that old chestnut!

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Hi Phil

I comment on whether it's common, I would find it hard to believe it was. I don't remember hearing

of a drive shaft just breaking on any car, what did the RAC man say? You have me worried now, as

mine is at 55k!


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