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Knock Sensor

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Hi guys, i'm new on this forum and i need your help. i'm portuguese, so, sorry for my bad english.

i've been had a few problems with my toyota carina E 1.6 4afe (1996).

The check engine light gives me 2 codes: 52-knock sensor 53- ecu detonation control.

i have replaced a few pieces and the problem continues.

- distributor cap and rotor.

- water temperature sensor.

- the knock sensor.

- spark plugs

- changed the distribution belt and the water pump.

The problems continue and i don't know what to replace next.

the check engine appears when the motor is under stress, uphill for example.

if i accelerate very much on the next uphill or stop at idle the light dissapears.

Can anybody help me? thank you very much

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If your engine is a 4A-FE 96 model then it would no doubt be, a lean burn engine. And therefore, according to the Haynes Manual that 1.6 engine does not have a knock sensor fitted!

I'm not sure what your running problems are or if you are just replacing this and that just to stop the light coming on. If the car is running ok then maybe just a reset of the codes is all that is required?

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Are you sure you have the right engine and the right ECU? As it is mentioned before there should not be any knock sensor in your engine, if you have the engine you have mentioned. The problem is that the Carina E came with 2 versions of the 1.6 engine. One is the lean burn engine and the other one is the stochiometric engine. It is some differences to those engines and their ECU. I am sure that if you mix engine and ECU from these different versions it may come some faults like you have. What does your local Toyota garage say about your problem?

Have you tried to reset the faultcodes? If not pull the EFI fuse from the engine fusebox for 10-15 sec, Then there should be no faultcodes stored in the memory.

How long time have you had this problem? How long time have you owned the car? Have you had any jobs done just before the problem appeared for the first time?

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Yes, my car does it have knock sensor. i've replaced it. is one like this.


yesterday i've clenead the injectors by ultrasonic machine. the problem still continues. not injectors problem.

tell me one thing please, what is the map sensor function? my situation is: at 40/50 miles p hour the light stays on, don't disappears. but if push him to 120/130 p hour with high rpm, the light disappears. in very hot temperatures light disappears more times too, when very cold she stays on! does the map sensor have anything to do with it?

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Map sensor is the sensor that feel the manifold air pressure. With that information the engine estimate or know how much fuel is needed to get a correct combustionin the cylinder. The engine use the lambda to verify that it was a correct combustion.

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I had to double check in my old Haynes manual. There is no knock sensor on the Leanburn 4A-FE engine, The conventional 4A-FE and the 7A-FE have a knock sensor placed on the rear right hand side of the engine block. The 3S-FE has the knock sensor placed on the rear left side of the engine block.

This means that you must have a conventional 1.6 lit engine and NOT the leanburn version.

Wich sparkplugs do you use? As you don't have the leanburn engine you should not have the platinum plugs and the gap should be 0.8mm. These plugs are listed in the owners manual:

nippondenso k20r-u

ngk bkr6eya

Bosch fr7kc

I got a feeling the problem is with the temperature. It sounds like the engine doesn't like when it is cold. There should be a inlet airtemperature sensor in the housing for the airfilter. Double check that one.

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I have the same 4afe engine in my uk built carina.Check the Air intake temperature sensor and your O2 sensor.The injectors (green-yellow Top) should be replaced at 200.000 km with NEW ones.(Preferable the black-silver top ones-Japan made).Cleaning is ok but does not last long...

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I have exact problem with my 7afe engine same code 52-knock sensor change distributor,knock sensor, wires check, spark plugs new 

But light still on

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