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Auris Van - Parcel Shelf?

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I have recently picked up a 2012 model auris van, 2 door hatchback, which is basically the car with the back seats ripped out, back windows filled in, and a hard pan in place of the seats. I believe the cars start out as "cars" and get modified to vans on import before going to the dealers.

I'd like to put a parcel shelf into it to go from the back window up to the front seats. I have seen this done before in a peugeot 306 van, they fixed some kind of carrier in at the "back seat" area just under where the back side windows shoudl be and then a parcel shelf all the way to the back door.

Looking on the internet at pics of the auris estate, I see a similar arrangement, carriers at just below the window level to carry the extended parcel shelf from behind the back seats to the hatchback window.

Does anybody have experience of this or have you seen one in the flesh to know if the estate parcel shelf arrangement can be fitted to the van??

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


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Looking at pictures of the boot area of the Touring Sports on the website, I doubt whether the luggage cover will be long enough to go behind the front seats and reach the tailgate on the three door van.

From a picture I have of the boot area of the three door Auris van, it has fitments for the standard generation 1 Auris parcel shelf. Why not get one of these? To conceal the rest of the load area, you could consider privacy film on the rear window and/or consider a fabric cover attached to the load area lip behind the front seats which you could unfold to cover the area up to the parcel shelf.

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