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Alan Calderwood

Aygo Bearings, Bushes And Shocks - Built To Last?

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My just less than 6 years old Aygo 1.0 vvti (84000miles) went in for a new front nearside wheel bearing- there was very evident free play in the hub.

Whilst there they have found that the 2 rear wheel bearings will have to be replaced before its MOT along with the wishbones on both sides as all the bushes are worn and the anti-roll drop links are also going to need done. One of the shocks is leaking as well.

Rear brake lines are also going to need replacing soon along with the front discs. To top it all the front section of the exhaust is not looking to clever either

The garage owner is a family friend and I have no reason to doubt their diagnosis but this work with labour and vat is looking at being just over £1000.

Is this normal for an Aygo or a Toyota at 6 years old?

I bought the car new with the intention of keeping it and have already replaced the clutch at 40000 miles. I had expected more from a Toyota and think rather the spend the money putting it through an MOT in a months time it might be time to get rid in part exchange for something else.

Anyone any thoughts or opinions or was I just expecting too much from the Aygo?

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Hello Alan - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

Bear in mind that the Aygo/Peugeot 107/Citroen C1 is a joint venture between Toyota and PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) - so as well as the Aygo/107/C1 being built by the Joint Venture plant in the Czech republic, the design responsibility would have been shared between the two parties.

Think overall reliability falls somewhere between the Toyota norm and the PSA norm - ie less reliable than a wholly Toyota design but more reliable than a wholly PSA design

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