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Nsf Window Goes Up But Not Down On Hilux Surf 1993

Martin the shot

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Hi tryed to sort this problem but after changing motor and master switch run out of ideas

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I will try to help. Can you tell me how many wires are at the motor connection. I expect 2, but some cars use hall sensors to monitor window movement.

If it is just two, disconnect the plug and make up two wires to go to the Battery. It is best to put a fuse in the positive line - about 10 Amp fuse. (Window motors pull about 6 Amps typically).

Jump the motor with the two leads see if the motor turns. Swap over the two leads and see if the motor turns in the opposite direction.

If this is okay, turn your attention to the wiring coming from the switch. Connect a multimeter to the two wires, With the ignition on, press up and down. The meter should read plus 12 V and minus 12 V dependant on the switch position.

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Hi thanks for that I have tryed that I can make window come down by linking wires in back of plug and reconnecting plug and switch will work all ok to go up but not down again.?..

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Hi Martin,

Had this prob my self some years ago, it was a broken wire in the door

harness, were it passes from door, to door frame, have a look in that area.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks I will strip back wires and have a look thanks for your time cheers martin

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