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Car Broke Down Tonight

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So the wife phones me tonight to tell me she's broken down on the motorway but she's safe & waiting for the RAC. As she wasn't that far from home I went out to her just to see if it was anything I could sort before the RAC got there. As it happened we turned up together & the car was showing the famous check 4x4 system, check VSC, etc. The RAC guy got 2 fault codes P0087 - fuel rail / system pressure too low & P0191 - fuel rail pressure sensor. Has anyone got any ideas why it would throw these codes? Please don't tell me it's something to do with low fuel pressure :-P

Basically the car has decided to go in to limp mode at 70mph on the motorway which isn't good & left my wife having to coast from the outside lane to the hard shoulder without causing an accident.

We started the car after getting the codes but did not clear them & the car had come out of limp mode & sounded fine so my wife drove the remaining 10 miles home with no issues with me following in my car & an RAC van behind me :-)

I am going to get it to Mr T first thing in the morning to get it checked out but as really don't need it randomly going in to limp mode at motorway speeds.

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Possible age old fuel filter problem. If it was a genuine low fuel pressure situation - it's likely that the engine would have stuttered beforehand because of weak mixture. Pressure transducer failures are reasonably common sometimes giving sporadic output.

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Nothing worse than breaking down, even more so if it's your wife and your not with her.

Defo if you can get them to test the fuel pressure before changing anything then suggest change the fuel filter anyway regardless of when it was last done.....i have known a rubber fuel pipe to collapse internally too even though it looked ok from the outside.

Yes you are correct about the fault codes so all i'll say is good luck and let us know how you get on.

Regards Mike169

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So, went in to Mr T yesterday & on the diagnostics everything appears to be fine. They have cleared the codes & I drove it to work & back yesterday & my wife has done her near 100 mile per day commute with no issues.

I didn't get them to change the fuel filter & will see how things go plus the car is still under Toyota extended warranty so at least if something goes wrong Mr T will sort it.

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