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D4D Intermittent Loss Of Power / Acceleration Above 3000 Rpm

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My Rav4 D4D has an intermittent problem with a loss of power / acceleration above 3000 rpm.

I have taken it to my local garage who referred me to a diesel specialist who has undertaken the following:

1. Changed fuel filter - All seemed ok for a few days then back to loss of power.

2. Changed Suction Control Valves - All seemed ok for about a week then back to loss of power.

Apparently no error codes showing.

They are now saying that the next step would be to change the Fuel Pump but no guarantee that this will resolve the issue.

Any advice would be appreciated including an idea of the cost to replace a fuel pump or should I cut my losses and part exchange.

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On the face of it - this is a typical SCV problem and is relatively common - albeit it usually results in a fault code. You say that all was well for a week after replacing the valves so it's reasonably strong evidence that it's a SCV issue. Where the valves just cleaned or were they replaced - if so, with new or refurbished valves - do the heads look new - what was the cost of the valves?

Fuel pump is a long shot and unless you've got a code appearing (theres a transducer on the fuel rail that monitors the fuel pressure) - I wouldn't go down this expensive path.

EGR valve and MAF flowmeter are possibilities. Both these would be cheap to check out

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