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Hi Guys....little Me Lol

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Hi Guys ;]

Hello to everyone here!

I hope you guys can please help me on here I bought a Yaris 1.4d on 2007 year around 12 months ago - test drove it and the clutch felt kind of heavy compared to my petrol car but I was told it was "normal"

anyway to the present time I am recently qualified to be a driving instructor and I suspect the clutch is going to be be "too heavy" for my learners for when I start teaching in a few weeks time.

The Yaris went in for a recall for the window switch just before xmas at Toyota who fixed it and some kind of report on the car where it does say the clutch is heavy.

I went to Toyota West Riding in Bradford I was told the clutch was £320 inv VAT so I rang them to book my car so they could check the clutch...they wanted to open the clutch and I presume charge me for "looking" at it. They refused to even sit in the car to test the pedal for me - saying they had toi "open" the clutch and see if it was the clutch or the bearing.

I was given £800 for the clutch inc fitting...ouch

Can anyone of you guys tell me

1. Is the clutch in the Yaris 1.4d on 2007 reg supposed to feel heavy when you push it down - like it takes more effort is this normal. The bite is towards the top as well. The clutch is not making any sounds and gear changes are fine and smooth.

2. Is a normal clutch Yaris 1.4d on 2007 reg supposed to feel "light" like the gas pedal?

3. Can somone point me in the direction of a Toyota independent service person in the Bradford or Leeds area that can have a look at the clutch for me.

4. If a new clutch is required then where should i buy it from considering I will be teaching starting to teach driving in a few weeks time.

Thanks Tayhlor James

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Hi, Welcome to the club... Enjoy :driving:

Motor Marque is located in an easy to find spot, just off the Ring Road in West Park, North Leeds.

The address is: Motor Marque, Clayton Wood Close, Clayton Wood Industrial Estate, West Park, Leeds LS16 6QE.

Tel: 0113 224 20 11


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