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Indicator Lens

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Hi.. I wonder if you can help... I need an indicator lens for a Toyota IQ 2009. Its for the N/S Front wing mirror. Its only the indicator lens that is damaged, not the whole wing mirror and I cannot seem to find a reasonable lens from anywhere.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Many thanks


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Hello Chantel - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

Don't think you can buy just the lens - probably the complete light unit.

Send Parts King a personal message, detailing you car and what you want - see the Community page, scroll down to Sponsors Corner, and look at Lindop Toyota (Parts King)

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Hi Chantal

I know a lot about that assembly. It is in fact a sealed unit incorporating the LED's. i have replaced mine with a custom unit which also has a form of extra side lights and puddle lights. I recently enquired about complete mirror sets for Taz on here. When i looked at the Toyota screen,it only showed up as a complete unit. I have to tell you it was a lot of money. Also changing the whole unit out is a lot of labour as the inside of the door meeds to be removed to get to the cables controlling it. If you were successful in obtaining a replacement "lens" then the labour involved requires removal of the glass mirror, removal of the "coloured " cover, then, removal of the lens itself which has got foam tape around it which ideally you would want to replace and cut and solder the new lens to the existing wiring and weather protect it. Gone are the days of 2 screws and your done!! I can find out for definite if the lens is available separately this afternoon. Where in the country do you live?


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