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Stereo Fuse


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Can any one help please?

I pressed the cig lighter and my stereo and mpg screen went off Cant find an internal fuse box with blade fuses inside

2004 corrolla t2

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1/ Look under the steering wheel, to the left of the bonnet release lever. The interior fuse box panel is square with a plastic lip used for a handle. Pull on the plastic lip to open the fuse box.

2/ Release the bonnet lock by pulling on the bonnet release latch under the steering wheel.

3/ Lift up the bonnet then locate the Battery.

4/ Follow the Battery lead cable toward the vehicle passenger compartment. The lead cable will run toward the fuse box. The fuse box--depending on the year of your Corolla--will have a metal or black plastic cover. Newer model Corolla fuse boxes are labelled, and will have a fuse reference diagram. Pull the cover off to access the fuses.

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Thank you i looked under the steering wheel there is a panel with 2 screws holding it i removed it but no fuse box iv tried looking for this but no joy Thanks

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I have had the glove box out no fuse box

Looked under dash on drivers side no fuse box only a fuse box for the big square fuses behind that small storage compartment This is driving me mad

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This is driving me mad


We cannot have that :laughing:

Remove the glove box again, looking straight in there you see the black units in front of you, thats the blower and pollen filter units.

Now, move about 6" left and then go up and under, like to the ceiling of that area , you should see the a smooth black plastic surface about 7" long by 4" wide and about 1" deep - thats the fuse box.

Put your finger in the middle of it and then slide your finger to the right hand side and over the edge, it should drop into a cut out about 2" wide.

Hook a couple of fingers into there and with a bit of a pull , not too strong , the whole black lid just snaps away.

The fuse you want is the CIG 15A which controls that and the audio system.

There locations are marked on the lid

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Result :thumbsup:

If fuse have any more trouble just post and I'm sure one of the members will have a solution... :)

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