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Engine Near Death Problem Please Help..!


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HI Everyone.

I am new to the foums and I totally dont know if this questions has been answered before or not so please forgive my ignorance.

I was driving my Toyota Avensis D4D 2003 and mistakenly dropped the gear from 4th to 3rd instead of 5th - easy done right...? lol

Well anyway...when I did this the engine instead of revving up... shunted and I just lost power... It died!

Got her started but it wouldnt rev up and let me get out of 1st gear. Had to drive her home like that was in the country area with no phone signal with the baby in car with me!

Orange engine light is on.

Was thinking it was ERG Valve that gets blocked easy - might not account for the no revving or some kind of pressure loss in the fuel rail.

I havent put the car on the computer yet, no idea of fault codes - this literally just happened in the past 30mins.

Bricking it! hope its not serious and inexpensive to fix - fingers crossed.

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These days cars have synchros in gearbox, that should prevent this from happening, but if change had been harsh then this might happen. Sorry to say but none of options that i come across is cheap. Didn't fully understand the part where you are not allowed to change gear from 1st up. Is it not possible because of engine revs being not high enough or is it something else? If it is revs, then something is wrong with engine and yellow managment light stands for that problem. If it is something else more mechanical, then i'd look into clutch, but if you can put your car to neutral gear and let pedal loose and it stays in neutral then most probably it isn't it. And third option is gearbox but only if engine reving up in neutral gear and yuo can make that change i neutral. Then gearbox might be messed up not allowing to change gear and holding engine back from reving. Although that would be hard to do, since gearbox can withstand high loads, but impulsive high load might damage it. I might be wrong but you need to do at least error read first. Would like to know the actual problem if you find it anytime.


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My guess is that the cambelt jumped a tooth, due to the over revving. The engine can run but the sensors may see that the timing is out. The other issue is that the fuel pump is out of sync or has been damaged.

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Hi Guys. thanks for the replies.

So since the post I got my friend to stick his computer in to pull out the falut code.

Turns out to be P1251 - Turbo Boost Pressure Too High - which he said could be vaccuum hoses, sensor or turbo (worst case scenario but it doesnt sound like it) causing the issue.

Also turns out my rubbish description above is the engine in Limp Mode apparently. Now I know what that is. yay!

I took out the EGR Valve and gave it a good clean out with carb cleaner and cleaned the manifold, the car drives now but the pressure fault code still comes back.

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I am not an expert, but reading your update tells me that either the EGR is not functioning properly, or the sensor is throwing a wrong reading.

Have you cleared the fault codes?

Be if the Battery was disconnected for about 30 seconds, the ECU might go back to basic settings and learning. Your friend may be able reset with his laptop. Only guessing

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