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Anyone Done The 5 Speed To 6 Speed Gearbox Change? I Need Advice


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As header says...anyone done a 5 to 6 speed gearbox change coz i need advice urgently

IMG 20140526 00060

As u can see...selectors are at front of the Celica 6 speed box rather than the 5 speed avensis one which is located at rear>>>>>

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Somebody did do a conversion on the forum a long time ago, but I cannot find the post.

I think that everything fits, but you may or need the longer selector cables if the Avensis cables cannot reach.

From what i remember, the person who did that project stated that the gear ratios were slightly lower than 5 speed, with 6th being slightly higher. So you had a slight reduction of rpm at motorway speeds.

I did some research and if the info are correct, the topgear ratios are the same for both gearboxes! See the following attachments.



Basically it is a close ratio gearbox due to a lower final drive ratio.

Hopefully the speedo will read the same as before.

As I said in your other post, I would stick to the original gearbox.

Good luck what ever you do.

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Thats it all done - no crap unreliable 5 speed gearbox anymore :-)
.... a bit of a bugger to do but driving it after it was done was the reward.
What a difference it has made overall to power, and even quietened engine down too having that extra gear..... i'd advise anyone to do it.... :-)

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