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Corolla Air Conn Pressure Drop

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Hi again all, our corolla 2.0l D4D 56 plate seems to suffer a recurring fault, every year around this time the Air Con. fails and on investigation the cure is to have the pressure re-done. Every year the garage puts dye in to check for leaks but none are ever found. Is this a common problem? the air conn is used during the winter as well because it's the best way to defog so it's not as if it is sitting idle, indeed the defog ability doesn't seem to be affected, merely the ability to cool.

Any ideas?

Terry B

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Parts King posted the following on another topic regarding air conditioning:

"Steer away from DIY refills or independents offering just a top up service

A proper air con service involves extracting the existing gas and refilling with the exact quantity of gas AND Oil which the system requires

Your local Toyota dealer will do this for approx £50, if it is more expensive, have a deal with them

Kingo :thumbsup:"

Bearing the above in mind, just wondering whether a Toyota dealer air con service may provide a longer lasting solution for you

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