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Location Of Obd Connector On Uk Rav4 1997 4Wd 5 Door


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I can see what I assume is the ECU under the dash in the centre - you have to remove the plastic cover to see it.

I can't see any type of ODB socket -ODB2 or ODB1 anywhere in the car or under the bonnet, but there is a mark for a cut-out for probably an OBD2 connector in the plastic dash under the drivers side beneath the steering wheel. I assume that this is where it was put in the US cars.

I assume that my car does have OBD functionality but doesn't have an OBD connector, but was wondering if I could get at the contacts in the ECU, but I cannot feel any unused sockets on the ECU case.

Failing that, is it possible to read the Error Codes by another method, e.g. by making the CEL flash?

Cheers, Ahab.

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Not OBD I'm afraid. The diagnostic socket on this model is in the engine bay - it's a small rectangular box with a hinged lid. Use a piece of wire to bridge across terminals TE1 and E. With the ignition switched on - you'll see a flashing lamp in the instrument display - it's signalling fault codes in terms of blinks. Code 42 for example will be four blinks - short delay - two blinks.

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Thanks. So I can't plug an OBD analyser in it...

Missing Problem on my RAV4 1997:

I did many tests & replaced some components:

Replaced HT Leads

Replaced spark plugs

Tested thermistor

Pulled fuses out & replaced

Compression Test

Colortune -only on 1 cylinder as was worried i would never get it out again!

but I finally I disconnected most of the multiway connectors (not very easy, apart from 2 large ones which i could not undo), sprayed them with moisture repellent, lubricant and that cured the missing problem!


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