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Had A Accidemt

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I'm really sorry to hear about your bump....

Makes you wonder if these people are actually LOOKING where they are going and putting foot on brake when they notice they are getting close to the car in front?? :ffs:

Really rattles me, but anyway, I hope you get it all sorted soon! :group-cuddles:

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this happened to my Yaris a couple of months back... rear ended... but by the sounds of it there's not alot of damage to the car... I'd check again if I were you.

The rear quarters, entire bumpers, boot, exhaust, boot floor... all nacked when the back of my Yaris got done in by a mondeo.

Suprisingly I was ok, although the dash had come loose during the impact and 'popped' out.. so it was quite a shunt :(

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cheers m8,

well... the guy that crunched into the back of me admitted responsibility and my car got fixed within a couple of weeks.

I was given a ford ka as a courtesy car, which was actually quite alot of fun! Nippier than my car, but then I suppose it is a 1.3... didn't half drink petrol though :o

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first of all glad your ok aswell :thumbsup:

Cant believe all these prangs involving yari, Me in a multi story last month, then jaxx now 2 more posted today, cant god attack some crap cars instead :crybaby:

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rear bumper cover £68.57+vat

lower valance £40.77+vat from Mr T

all + fitting and spraying so your looking at about £250 to do at a local body shop

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It's a right pain when yer pride & joy gets wrecked by some careless idiot!

Some people must drive along in a day dream, they pile into the back of you before they realise what they've done!!


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