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Noise When Brakes Are Applied From Front Of Car ( Was This Talked Abou

r. roberts

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Was this the topic of a the forum some time ago? The reason I ask is I am getting the noise now

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My question was badly worded. But I found your instructions very detailed and the pictures very detailed and have printed them off for next time I need a pad change. Thank you.

The problem in my case is a pulsing from the brake pedal that does not occur under gentle braking or under under heavy braking ( not as severe as an emergency stop ) But under normal braking it feels as if one of the discs has a lump on it you feel on every rotation of the disc I think I rember reading about someone solving this in a forum a few months ago, Bob Roberts

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Brake discs suffer irregularities through general wear or corrosion. The later is often a problem with cars covering a low mileage, town driving etc. - there's lack of heavy brake action which helps keep brake discs clean and prevents pads becoming glazed. Irregularities can often be felt through the brake pedal and can vary from barely perceptible to significant vibration. Get the pads / discs checked and replace if necessary - not a particularly expensive job on this model using good quality parts.

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Iirc, I think I remember the topic you spoke about, it was a build up of brake material on the disc, this was I believe a result of Toyota changing the disc material but was about 6 years ago, the answer was to change to a different pad (possibly Pagid?) which was a bit more aggressive and you needed to brake a little more agressively to clear the discs of the accumulated junk and then keep them clear.

Net result if this is the issue you are talking about, the pads now being approx 5/6 years old which means you have been gentle on the brakes and I bet the discs themselves will be corroding (rusty :) ) on the inside, I would be following gjnorthall advice.

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