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Engine Swap 1Zz To 2Zz Problems!

harry civ

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i have been currently swapping the engine in my celica gen 7 from changing the 140bhp 1zz engine to the corolla 2zz engine, i thought it was a celica 190bhp engine but relised it came out of a corolla.

the problems im having is :

1. the EGR valve on the left side of the engine has a pipe running the the exhaust manifold but has another port the other side, where does this lead to, is there meant to be a pipe that connects on to it?

2. as i have the orginal cooling system from a 140bhp celica the cooling sytsem from the header tank dosent lead the the corolla cooling rail that leads under the inlet manifold. as the corolla one has two pipes going to the oil filter housing im missing the one that goes from that rail to the bottom on header tank, do i need a cooling rail off a celica 190bhp

3. the throttle cable from my 140bhp dosent bolt onto the corolla inlet manifold and throttle body, how does these lay out, ive ordered a celica 190bhp manifold with throttle bodie, will this work? it also has a white plug on the side of the inlet which my 1zz loom dosent lead too,

4. i also have one plug left over, it went on the old vac/fuel return do i need to swap this over.

5. how do i wire the valve lift in, as im using the 1zz loom i understand i need to take the plugs off the 2zz loom and wire it too the ECU but thats all i know i dont understand where the i need to wire or what plugs to use

Any help would be most appreciated, thanks in advance!

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It sounds like you are a little out of your depth on this engine swop. If you drop in on the celica-club forum, members there will supply you with a list of the parts you need. I know for a fact you need the loom from a 190, and preferably the gearbox too, as the ratios to reach "lift" are different.

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okay thanks. ive tried the 190 loom of the corolla but none of it fits into the 140 fuse box, ill try a post there thanks

the box was different as the selector was on the othere side of the box and the cables wouldnt reach

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