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does anyone know if 17" wheels from an Lexus will fit the 2014 Auris Hybrid.

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Which Lexus?

Can you confirm whether the 2014 Hybrid wheels have a PCD of 5x100 (same as Prius I believe) & not 5x114? If so then a CT200h's wheels should fit but others (IS, GS etc.) not.

Can you also confirm the offset on the standard wheels?

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Thanks for your reply,I have e/m the seller for more information.as to finding offsets and other info you are asking for I will have to try to find out, I know little about wheels and offsets.The car I have was purchased new the latter end off July this year.It was the facelift version with electronic tyre, valves the wheel and tyre size are 225/45/17.I have just spoken to the seller and the wheels are of an IS250 so it looks like they won't fit.Thank you for your help I really appreciate it

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It depends upon whether the hybrid sticks with the standard Auris PCD of 5x114.3 or shares the same 5x100 PCD of the Prius & Ct200h hybrids. There are loads of alloys that fit either so there will always be another set along soon.

If you can confirm the PCD (& also width) of the standard alloys we can advise. If your car has electronic TPM that is going to cost you to add to other alloys plus your insurance company would certainly need to be informed (they will consider it a modification) & they may vary your premium accordingly.

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