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Rain Sensor For Automatic Wipers - Silicone Pad?


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The automatic wipers on my Auris aren't working - I think the problem might be concerned with the silicone pad but I'm not sure and could do with some assistance...

The symptoms of the problem is that the wipers don't respond when it rains on Auto mode. When auto mode is selected the wipers move once but then never again. When I take the sensor out of its casing and wave my over it the wipers do sometimes respond, so I conclude the sensor isn't completely defunct.

My question lies with the silicone pad that I'm lead to believe locates between the windscreen glass and the IR sensor. I believe this pad is required for the sensor to work properly, however I bought my Auris second hand and I'm wondering if the windscreen had been replaced and the pad not so. Where exactly is it intended to sit? Should it be attached (stuck) to the windscreen, IR sensor, or both? Currently There is nothing attached to the windscreen glass and I don't think anything attached to the sensor. I've included a couple of photos I have taken of the sensor - does is it look like the silicone pad is attached or not? I'm not sure if the reflective surface I can see is indeed a pad or just the bare lens of the IR sensor.

Any thoughts much appreciated!



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Not an answer to your question as such, but apparently on the T27 Avensis disconnecting the auto sensor makes the wiper become a regular non-auto intermittent wiper.


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Thanks Alan333 - good to know that.

Has anyone got any experience with rain sensors and can help me out?

Many thanks!!

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Did you find the solution I have the same problem like you when I removed the sensor from the windshield it works 

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