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A New Squeak Has Appeared..


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yesterday a new squeak reared its head. it sounds like it's coming from under the dashboard on the drivers side. only notice it when on anything less than perfectly smooth roads.

anyone had anything like this before and how did you solve it? thanks.


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seems to have gone away on its own today. i went on a mad squeak finding mission earlier and found a few things i thought i'd share. credit to @Chris_munday for the guide on greasing up the seat adjust lever. made the driver's seat squeak i had a bit less annoying. greased up the bolt for the seat belt clip as well, that helped too although the seat still creaks a bit when i move around side to side but its not as bad as it was.

i stuck my head down in the driver's footwell and had a look up underneath and discovered that the ducting outlet for the foot blower was loose and rattling around. i removed the panel that it sits in but couldn't see much so i just wedged in some foam cut to size to stop it rattling around and that seem to have quietened down the cabin a bit but now i can hear more rattles!! the driver's window rattles up near the top of the seatbelt (maybe some heko's will help).. the rear parcel shelf seems to rattle around on the plastic edges that it sits on (simple fix with anti-rattle tape)

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