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Sat Nav In 2001 Toyota Yaris 1.3 16V Vvti Cdx?


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Just about to get a used Yaris. It's a 2001 1.3 16v vvti cdx automatic with a sun roof. I believe it has a built-in sat nav. Anyone know any details about the sat nav? Like the make, and if it can be updated? I'm also hoping I will be able to remove the built-in cd/radio and replace it with the Panasonic model I have in my current car. Anyone know if that's possible?



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Hi and welcome to the forum. You say its a 2001 model which means the sat nav in the car was not standard. The Yaris only got the sat navs from late 2003 to 2004 which means its been installed separately. If its the sat nav which I have seen in other Yaris's, the normal one then its really pretty much rubbish. Don't think it can even be updated and if I was you I'd change the stereo ASAP to the Panasonic one you have in your car. It is easy to remove and connect your new stereo as long as it fits into the slot. The sat nav which you will see is too small and is very vague at giving directions and you'll end up going somewhere else.

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Agree with above.

Better off with a standalone modern system with lifetime updates. IIRC the updates of the built in satnav are CD(DVD?) based and over £100 a pop. And not a very good system..

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Even if it was a standard fit for the year (2001) I would not be putting my money into upgrading the maps on it. Processor etc will be old hat now. 14 month is a long time in computer terms, never mind 14 years.

Invest in a stand alone sat nav, as Madasafush said, you can pick them up with lifetime map upgrades for £100, (+ or - a bit).

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Your Yaris sounds like mine, the 1st owner had a satnav added as an extra.

I found the map was too out of date & got a Tom Tom to use instead of trying to find a new map CD ROM.

If you have a standard sized slot for a radio it will be fairly easy to install a new one.

You will need a harness adaptor but it's mostly a case of taking the dash apart, !Removed! the radio in behind the slot & swapping the leads over.

I was lucky when I got my radio that Halfords had a free installation offer when buying radios, & the managed it in 30 minutes.

The only downside was the original radio was isolated by swapping the leads, & that included the satnav, but I had my Tomtom by then so it wasn't a problem.

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