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Engine Knocking Noise

Skunky Steve

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Hi have posted this on a few other sites looking for solutions to this problwm.

i have a really loud knocking noise coming from the engine just started when i was driving back from york to me house anyway nothing has dropped off but the clanking noise almost sounds like metal hitting metal. Im not getting any sleep over this and due to the bank holiday weekend theres no garages open till tuesday. ive taken the engine block off at the top to check the crankshaft and its okay ... did get told it could be the piston ring but hoping that it isnt coz that will cost over 2k to fix.

Its Gen 7 Celica 2000 spec 1.8ltr VVTi 140BHP

Anyone had any problems like this before or know anything about this then please help coz im worried to hell :crybaby:

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sounds to me could be little ends on pistons , or big ends , you need to take off the sump to check these .if worn they will be scored or blue and crankshaft may need oversized bearings and a regrind. check the trumpet for sucking up oil in sump isnt clogged while its off .and look for metal shavings too . not a job for amateurs .usually gets noiseier when engine gets hotter and revs go higher . just my opinion not the answer :!Removed!:

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