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Avensis 4X4 Swap Need Help For Steering Rack

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I am converting the European Avensis to 4WD. The Steering Rack of the Avensis has different mounting points compared to the Caldina Steering Rack.

The Avensis is LHD and the Caldina is RHD.

Does anyone know if there is a Steering Rack that has the same mounting points as the Caldina Rack and is LHD.

The distance between the 2 mounting points on the subframe is 40 cm.

pictures of the car are on

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are you fabricating a transmission tunnel for the Avensis? It was obviously never engineered to have a 4wd version (unlike Mondeo, Insignia etc. which despite mostly selling in fwd only had a transmission tunnel engineered in.

The lack of a transmission tunnel is 1 of the things that I like about the Avensis v the others.

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in the beginning the car was swapped to 3sgte with FWD.

But to get the power to the ground FWD does not work. So i decided to do the 4WD swap as well.

The rear of the car is already finished, rear diff is awaiting to join the driveshaft.

Gas tank is swapped to make room for the driveshaft.

Only thing left is the steering rack.

I think that i do not have to adjust the tunnel because there is enough space.

You are right that the avensis was not engineered for 4WD. The Caldina was, but I have the only Avensis Sedan 3S-GTE with 4WD in the world.

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