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B9005 Backup Camera Working!

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  • 4 weeks later...

i bought a camera on ebay and stripped the wire's into 1 video ground and 1 video+

so now you have 4 wire's +red(12v) - black (12v) videoground black and videoground yellow

tap from your backlights the 12v+ and negative videoblack you put in 23 and yellow in 22

the connector in your car have numbers on them.

Put your car in reverse and enjoy

Please let me know if you succeed

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Have I labelled this correct Klein ?

did you go inside boot lining to roof then down pillar for the wires?

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Almost, strip the black rca video wire. Then u will see 2 wire's

The naked braided wire is the negative,(v-schield 23) the other is 22

Right from the licenseplate lights there's a hole behind the licenseplate lights strip.

That was my way in, en then i fed it tru the rubber in to the car.

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  • 2 months later...


Got round to giving this a shot today!


Could you give me the item number of the camera you bought please?

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  • 4 years later...

Hello, Do you have the pin in diagram for the B9005?

I don't have any connector for the Grey one. What is the use of them? You have two wires, purple and red.

Then you have 10pin connector, all of the used, aswell as i have, but with different colours.

The next connector has  6 pin, you have used 4, but i have all of them used also with dual cables in some pin (i think these are for the speakers).

Then the 20 pin connector with 3 cables (R-W-B) aswell asi have. But i don't know neither the used.

And on the top, the 24 pin connector, for the camera. I don't have the connector.

Do you know where the mic (microphone) for the handsfree bluetooth is connected? The wire for the mic comes across the roof from the overhead console/lights.

The point is that i need to connect the mic. I search for this information and couldnt find anything.

Thank you in advance.

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You can get diagrams on toyota-tech.eu, thought, it's a paid access.

You can just get 1 hour access, which should be 3 euros or so, and you can print/save the documentation.

They also have some free stuff, so you might get lucky and find the diagrams there.


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5 pin grey connector is for the camera (detect and reverse signal)

Power, grounds and Speakers


20 pin connector - steering wheel audio controls

24 pin connector -  Microphone pins 17 (supply) 19 (mic +) 20 (mic -)


I will have a look to see what other info i have

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Thank you so much. I am very grateful. I will try it next weekend and post the results.

Just for information, what is the meaning of TSW-, SGND-, TXM-, TXM+?

Do I need to jumper together for the reverse camera (TSW-, SGND-)?

So, if I "trick" the reverse+speed sense signals, could I use the video input (V+, V-)?



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R11 is for a CD changer

yes you need too jumper these, this is the Mic detect

No need to "trick" the speed sense, the reverse (12v+) turns the camera/screen on and off

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello again!!

I'm a little bit late, but i tried this weekend... no success..

Also, this document could help to instal the auris back camera

I bought a cable with connector because i didn't have it. connector It comes with 2 items, one for 24 pin and the other for the rear signal.

First the mic is not working:

This is the genuine mic (RED-WHITE-BLACK) connected to the "custom" wiring from the roof lights.


And this is the other side.

The yellow crocodile is for pins 12+18.

The red is at pin 17.

The black is at pin 19.

The white is at pin 20.


I tested continuity and its OK. But doesn't work.

Second, the reverse camera is not working, I could only get this, and i think is because the +12V from the rear light.


And this is the back of the unit, a little bit messy. I already have a parrot bluetooth and the usb/sd installer on CD changer port.


Thank you for any help!

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  • 3 weeks later...


1. Mic. Now is working. The final wiring is:

MIC [RED // BLACK // WHITE] - LINK WIRE [BROWN // BLACK // GREY] - RADIO PIN [17 // 20 // 19] --> [RED-17 // WHITE-19 // BLACK-20] & PIN 12 + 18

But it was supposed to be [R-17 // B-19 // W-20 ] as this diagram says??




2. The cam is working.

First i was trying to connect the +6V // -6V from the navi system. I connect the cam video to a TV and didn't get any image. So I connect a video output to the navi system (ps1). And it worked. So the problem was on the cam, and maybe the power.


I gave the cam +12V from the rear light (i read that is better from there, less heat and power consumption, it only turns on once the rear gear is insert). And now it works. So that was the main problem.


So now, i would like to have the phone controls on the steering wheel. I got one like this. Do you know the part number or where can I get them?



Thank you!

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