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Corolla 04 Integrated Cd-player And Driving Cpu

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YO all toyota owners.

i have Corolla year model 04, and its hatchback, or liftback or what ever that is called.

Im wondering replacing the integrated "cd-player" that came installed in it when i bought it. I have found theres available to buy adapter panel to fit regular sized CD-player in it, but what i should do with the driving computer cables that are connected to integrated radio wich show clock and speeds and how much fuel it has taken, etc? Are those only meters or do they effect of car working if i unplug those? And if unplugging effects is there something i can do that it dont effect for cars working. If anyone has experience of this please help.

All this couse i asked this from TOYOTA dealer here in finland, and they didnt know anything about it, all they said was : "you can try it, but it may be quite expensive to try if unplugging cables effects driving cpu and brokes it or something else." So its seems they are n00bs in this at Toyota, but i have seen those lotts of replaced at internet. :ffs:

And one more question... Is there line out connection in corollas integrated cd-player?

Thank You :thumbsup:

Master Blaster

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