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Check Engine Light disappeared

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Hi every one,

I have a 2011 2.0L Diesel T27 model Avensis, few months ago the check engine light came on with the "check break system" message on the dash board, however after a few restarts, the lights were gone. the code was P062D "Fuel Injector Driver Circuit Performance Bank 1". there was nothing odd about the car, so I let it be. until yesterday it append in the exact same way, the light came on then disappeared after few restarts.  The only thing i remember doing differently both times to my regular driving was having the A/C on.

I drive roughly 100k every working day on the motorway, I am worried it might lead to a breakdown. has any one experienced the same or know what this could indicate? Id like to get some opinions before heading into the garage.



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There are one or more injectors on the way, replace all 4 because the 2011 model can't locate the specific failed/damage injector. The cose is relating to an elektronic fault inside the injector.


If you do not fix the problem there is a grate risk of engine damage because the injector can stay open if it fails totally.

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