Start/Stop in traffic causing car to stall- sensor issue?

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Okay so I bought my urban crusier a week or so ago now, and I've had a very strange problem happen a couple of times. I'm not sure if it's a malfunction or a sensor thats a bit dodgy but something is definitely up.

Both times, I've been at a traffic light, take my foot off the clutch and the car is in neutral (start/stop kicks in, engine goes off), after about 2-3 minutes the light changes and I've put my foot on the clutch to put it into first, you can hear the engine start up again and as soon as I go to move off, the car stalls and won't come back on for about 5 minutes. The engine management light comes on, and a 'VSC OFF' light starts flashing, along with a car swerving(traction control?) light comes on. The first time, eventually after the engine came on again it drove fine, I drove home and left it overnight and the light went off. That was three days ago, and since then nothing else has happened until today when it's done the same thing. 


I'm taking it back to where I bought it so they can have a look, but that isn't until next wednesday as they have no spare time to slot me in until then, so I thought I would ask here incase it's a common problem? This is my first toyota in general, and first car with a start stop engine so I'm completely in the dark about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I've had two Auris with the same engine, and this isn't a common problem.

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