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Hi All,


I have discovered since owning the vehicle that the USB port is stopping the music from toggling from the list.  It is almost to a point that when you flick through the music list it stops.  The music continues to play but you are not able to change the track so every time I have to wait for the track to finish and then plays the next track. It is from this point that you are not able to do anything since it is stuck.  The only way to reset is switch the car off for 10 minutes and then try again.  I usually switch to FM model and listen to radio.

I am not sure if this is a common thing on these vehicles but have read that other models are experiencing a similar issue.  When I owned my Avensis using a USB device I had no issues.  I even used the same usb drive in my current vehicle and still freezes.

Does anyone have any suggestion as I was thinking about changing the whole usb port hardware for a new one or go for changing the whole stereo which can be quite costly. 

Thanks guys!

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