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Avensis T25 maximum speed?


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Hi everyone. I''ve just found the forum and registered. Did so because I need some answers from other Avensis owners regarding the issue in the title for the following vehicle:

Avensis T25 1.8 129bhp

Driving on the highway at 110KM/h - 115KM/h in 5th gear. With the gas pedal on the floor, the car doesn't go beyond 120KM/h - 130KM/h. I've seen other people reach even 200KM/h with this very engine so I'm wondering if there's a speed limiter in my vehicle. I bought this car about a month ago from a dealership.


Did the T25 come with a speed limiter by default? If so, how can I configure it?

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I won't condone speeding, especially in a responsible forum, but if there is a speed limiter installed, you need to try 4th gear to see what happens - at your own risk with the law! 

The car never came with a speed limiter out of the factor (unlike the T27), if any speed limiter has been fitted, it would be after market. The Toyota speed limiter built into T27 cancels itself when the car is switched off, and is integrated with cruise control system.

Toyota Officially state the cars top speed of 200KM/h, so if there is no speed limiter then there is something wrong - dirty/faulty MAF sensor, dirty/block air filter, engine needs a good service. Is the EML on and does it show before starting engine, then go out when engine starts? To be sure, get a diagnostics check.


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