Error codes Toyota Prius T3 2006

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Hi All,

Recently removed the original stereo to test the aftermarket double din.  Upon putting the old one back in until other parts arrive the dashboard suddenly lit up several or more errors.  When I purchased the car a month ago there were NO errors at all.

I find it strange to have errors appear without any prior warning.

So to recap the errors appeared after removing the original stereo and testing my new one - that's it!

The errors are as follows:

1) Red Triangle - Master Warning Light
2) Orange (!) - Brake Warning Light
3) Orange VSC - Vehicle Stability Control Warning Light

P -Lock mechanism is abnormal.

I am driving the car without any problem and is driving absolutely perfect!



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The warning lights only serve to tell the driver there are errors/problems detected by the system indicated by the lights and have set DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes).  In your case  the ECB, and VSC systems. There could be 101 possibilities, so you need to have the codes read to pinpoint where the problem is.

Once you have the codes, if you tell us what they are, we can help you further.

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hi Joseph,

Strangely enough the diagnostic tool that connected to the car did not pick up any errors.  I found that unusual but got me thinking that this only started when I disconnected the whole stereo and parking hazard switch.  I found out that if you ever do a stereo install to make sure the hazard connection is remains connected.

I have sent back the diagnostic tool that I purchased from an ebay seller.  Are you able to recommend one that actually works apart from the more expensive ones that I have seen on the market?

It would be really useful to know which tool actually gives a reading/error codes and able to look it up.



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The problem is that the cheaper scan tools are only generally capable of reading the generic codes set by the engine management computer(s) as these are the minimum that must be readable by generic scanners.

But, in order to read all of the Prius computers a more capable scanner is required. Unfortunately, this costs more.

You also need to decide whether you want to have a compact hand-held or are happy to use a laptop based solution. For the latter there is an OBDII –> USB cable/dongle called VxDiag VCX Nano for Toyota that works very well and is reasonably cheap if you already have an old laptop you can dedicate to a diagnostic laptop.

Otherwise it is buyer beware, and make sure the scanner you get is capable of reading all computers, can access the freeze frame data (FFD) and if it can access live data is a very good feature too. For all this capability you have to acknowledge to need to pay something.

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Thank you Joseph,

I have sent my cheap and unreadable scanner back to the supplier.   Very informative information you have provided and much appreciated!  I will look at that as i really want to get into the Hybrid technology and does fascinate immensely.

I Have a good laptop i can use as a diagnostic tool to work with so definately better option than the handheld scanners. 

I guess I do need to be aware of the scanner's compatibility before I buy again!


thanks Buddy.



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