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t27 d4d avensis motor oil with DPF filter


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i would to know which oil used by nice guys out here which is proven to be suitable for t27 diesel 2 liter with dpf filter ?

i know ACEA C2 only.

but so many maker and brand out there.. and the price is amazingly so much different.

for example, i use liquimoly toptec 4200 long life 3,

5 liter costed me 69 euro here..

while Castrol magnetec 5 liter costed me only 36 euro..


  Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 Motoröl, 5 Liter  costed 40 euro..
all these oil are C2 suitable.
why liquimoly is like rocketing expensive compare to magnetec of Castrol ?
i am really dazzled by all this.. huge different in price.
btw, i am using 5w-30 here in germany.. thinking of changing to 0w-30. i saw liquimoly 5w-30 is same price as 0w-30.. then why don't i use 0w-30 then ? crazy not to choose it over 5w-30 .. right ?
if anybody can help will be appreciate.
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The Toyota recommendation for a diesel with dpf is either 0W-30 or 5W-30 meeting C2 low ash. No stipulation is made regarding brand, semi synthetic or fully synthetic. Brand is usually a personal choice. See 


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