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Caliper guide pin orientation


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Each brake caliper has 2 guide pins, one is fitted with a rubber bush- the other is plain(ish). I took careful note of what was where is I took it apart, but there was no pattern to their fitment.

I would guess that the correct orientation would put one or other on the leading/trailing side.

Searching for an exploded view has got me nowhere. Help please!

2002 corolla T3 manual petrol 1.4

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Never seen any such detailed diagram, and had the same problem  when I accidentally mixed mine up and that causes bad braking and excessive uneven pad wear.

If you see the picture in my old post you will see the orientation I use after seeking advice.


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Nice link OC-thank you- tending towards my suspicions that the orientation of the front and rear pins being reversed.

Haynes😂 photos seem to show the front carriers have the rubber sleeved pins at the top- the leading edge.

The rear carriers have the solid pins at the top leading edge.

This is how things were when I took it all apart- hence my question- it makes no sense.

For ID the rubber sleeved pins have a 4x flat profile nut??, the solid pins have a 2x flat profile nut??

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If your talking about the pins on the carriers, I only done mine a couple weeks ago, on the front brakes both pins had rubber on them and the pins were identical in every way, I've a e12 3dr hatch 2007 it's a 1.4 linea strata which I think is the same as your t3. I can say from using my brakes, (new discs, pads and reconditioned calipers and new carriers) I've not noticed any un even braking or wear

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The rubber bush slide pin is normally at the top of the caliper. Every car I've done brake work on including my own the rubber bush pin was at the top. Does it really matter... don't think so.

Make sure you use the correct lube, silicone, red rubber etc rubber safe grease that supports high temps. NEVER copper grease on the slide pins, only on the brake pad contact points and the back.

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Thanks to all for your input.

For a number of reasons I put the solid pins on the leading side of the caliper carrier- not least that the rubber bushes in the guide pin kits I got on eBay where complete rubbish.

They are made of a rubber compound that is so soft I cannot imagine they will have any effect. The slightest sniff of white spirit and they blew to twice the size- but shrank back after 24 hours.

This meant that the grease used was critical. I was tempted to try ceramic [1500c] but settled with the supplied silicone.

At the end of the day I would have fitted OEM quality but could not source any. And genuine Toyota would be more than the car is worth!

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