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Seat adjustment broken?


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Just when I think i'm on top of the smaller issues, and having just moved into the new house and starting thoughts of replacing the E12 as my runabout and getting back in a faster daily (whilst maybe turning the E12 into a trackday/stripped out fun car if I decide not to sell it), the drivers seat has given up the ghost!

Popped into Tesco's the other day with a boot full of house moving stuff and flipped the driver seat forward to load the shopping onto the back seat.  When I flipped it back again and got in to slide it forward I found it wouldn't move.  Looking briefly under the seat, I can see the bar is levering a bracket within the base on the inner rail, but there appears to be a broken pin on the opposite side, so the bar does not connect with anything.

Luckily i'm just about tall enough to drive with the seat in the fully back position, although it's not massively comfortable, but it would be good to get this moving again.  That way, if I do decide to sell it, there's nothing wrong with it - and if I don't, at least I can finish my daily chores in a more comfortable position!

Any ways of repairing this with a bolt or similar, or am I best to look for a secondhand seat that I can strip the base off?


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We are all know to this saga of the E12 and broken seat pins. 2 fixes: 1) Get another base and replace it. 2) Remove the seat and attempt to fix the broken pin by making your own. 3) Replace the whole seat.

Number 2 is what I did. Not easy, their may be a guide to someone who has done this before, or doing research online maybe. The pins lift the locks either side of the rail hence why you can probably just about move one side and not the other. Depends on how handy you are with tools and being able to do a little metal work such as drilling and making other pin out of a bolt, or a hardened split pin is what I used.

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