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Disable speed camera alerts


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We have a 2018 Yaris Icon Tech, which sat nav

Travelling to France and now only find out we are not allowed to have speed camera alerts (insert your own thoughts here!).

So how do I disable this so they don't fine or confederate the car!


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Touch SETUP. Then MAPS. Then untick SHOW SPEED CAMERAS. That should work. I’ve driven through France many times, and never (yet) been stopped and have always used a satnav. Although I always disable speed camera alerts, just in case. Never liked the idea of arguing with a French police officer, who will probably decide not to understand English. If you’ve not driven over there before, be aware that they do tend to hide their cameras, and even in plain sight, are to to easy to spot. They look like a grey metal filing cabinet, thats been dumped on the side of the road.

Also you need to know this.

French roads have a variable speed limit that depends on weather conditions. In dry weather rural 2- or 3-lane roads are limited from July 2018 to 80 from 90 km/h, 4-lane expressways (in rural areas) 110 km/h, and highways (in rural areas, when classified as motorway) 130 km/h

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2 hours ago, Heidfirst said:

If you do need one, then go here.


This is the official site and is very cheap, compared to other sites that pop up if you google Crit’Air. I bought one a while ago and was very easy, took a couple of weeks to come from France.

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You will find that the current map for France does not give Speed camera warnings, but gives advance notice of what they call danger zones.  Also the speed shown on the map will be wrong for what were 90 km now 80 km limits.  I expect the next map update due next month will have the correct speed limits showing.   BTW I live in France.

I will let you all know if this is so once I update my map.


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