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Which service to go for?


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My 2010 Hybrid is booked in for a service next week. It's on 60,000 miles so it's technically due for a Full service (costing at least £335 at a main dealer). It'll also need an MOT, at least one new tyre and a couple of other issues investigating at the same time so that's a bit beyond what I can afford right now.

As a result, it's currently booked to have an Intermediate service instead, but is there much practical difference between this and the (much cheaper) 'Silver' service for vehicles over 5 years old? If I just got a Silver service done now and then get a Full (or even Gold) done next year, am I asking for trouble? I'm not too bothered about the vehicle's resale value at this point so service history is less important than making sure the car runs properly and safely.

Does anybody have any experience with the different levels of service? If I don't stick rigidly to the recommended levels and intervals is the car going to fall apart or explode when I least expect it?

Thanks for any advice!

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There is a Toyota offer currently running for a service and MoT for £99, but your dealer may not know about it and ask for some evidence (my local dealer had no knowledge of this offer).


For the service listed above, in the small print at the bottom of this offer, it is shown it as a Silver Service. My dealer tried to upsell me to a normal (non-offer) Silver Service, explaining that they wouldn't replace the drain plug washer on the 'offer' service, and that the discounted service would be a lesser service. This does contradict the Toyota small print. Hmmm.

Another Toyota dealer summarised the difference between major and minor service as being a brake strip down, the pollen filter replacement and a brake fluid change.

But, something to consider, I think the spark plugs are due replacement at 60,000 miles, an additional cost, they are the more expensive platinum/iridium type, hence the longer service life.

I think the Silver/Gold service scheme should be fine for you. You might consider the 'offer' service and ask for the brake fluid to be done as an add-on off their menu?

The plugs are a straightforward replacement, apart from needing an unusual size socket that is basically only used on some Minis/Peugeots and Toyotas, but it's available online from eBay etc. for a reasonable price. Denso seems to be the preferred brand of plug.

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That's great advice - thanks for that!

I'll definitely see if I can go for that offer, and that's really helpful to know about the spark plugs. I'll look into replacing them myself, along with getting a brake fluid change done.

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The silver and gold services are part of Toyota's Essential Care service scheme for cars over five years old - https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/service-mot-maintenance/servicing

Currently the silver service (equivalent to Intermediate) for the Auris costs £120, and the gold (equivalent to Full) £200, plus there is the offer of a silver service plus Mot for £99.

One can compare what each service covers from the link above. 

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Toyota garages seem to make a point of being fairly competitive on tyre prices, it's certainly worth getting a quote from them beforehand.

The brake fluid change requires the brakes to be attached to a diagnostic computer whilst bleeding to get a proper flush, on account of this, it is not the easy DIY task it might otherwise be, and costs more than a 'normal' car when done at the Toyota dealer.

See this thread for some useful input on changing plugs on these cars:- 

Or this one:-


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That's all brilliant to know. I've only just got the car and it's my first Toyota (always had Peugeots and Citroens before; no real idea why) so it's great to get an idea of how things work with servicing and what's practical to do myself.

Although, having said that, I do try to limit myself to simple jobs these days — I once completely stripped down a 405 engine and had several parts left over when I put it back together. It made it about 2 miles before needing major surgery (and a roadside repair with almost a whole roll of duct tape to get it back home).

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Ah, Peugeots!  I've had a few:-  305, 309, 406.  And done loads of miles in their 205s, 405s and 306s, not least as courtesy cars when the 309 and 406s went wrong (so for me, often).  The spark plug socket mentioned above is the same as the Peugeot 'Prince' 1.4/1.6 petrol engine, iirc, perhaps you've already got one?

Just a few random points that might be of use:-

If you were interested in understanding what's going on 'under the bonnet', the Hybrid Assistant app. (it's free) is an excellent way of showing loads of extra Battery charge/temperature/engine rpm (etc. etc.) information on your phone or tablet. You'll need a compatible ELM 327 (£10?) dongle for the OBD2 port, as that's where its data is drawn from.

It might be worth familiarizing yourself with the 12v Battery location (i.e. boot r/h, near back light). They are quite a small capacity (it is only used to run the car in Acc. mode and booting up the ECU, after that the traction Battery puts it back on charge when the car is 'started up'). They throw up some strange dash errors in the run up to failure (there are posts on this forum), there is a jump-start connection inside the fuse box in the l/h side of the engine bay to help get you out of that problem. They are expensive (£120-ish?), but, the dealer offers the best price for a replacement oem-style Yuasa, when I last looked anyway. The eBay price is £170+.

The exhaust system has 2 symmetrical hangers on its first box. Sometimes one can break off at the weld (not a problem, even at MoT), but if they both break (bad news!), then at the dealer the silencer/catalyst would be replaced as it's one part, and is £1200 plus VAT, plus fitting. No easy answer to that one. Do you know any welders or fabricators? Hopefully wont't happen to you.


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