Dave R.

Door Mirror Control illuminated?

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A bit of a dumb question - had my Rav 4 (2018) for a couple of months now & I've noticed that the door mirror switch-gear is not illuminated at night.  The other switches alongside it (e.g. lane control) are.  Is this a fault on my Rav ? or have Toyota just decided to cut a corner and not illuminate that particular switch?  

I've noticed because I tend to push the button to fold in the mirrors when I park - and then when I get into the car in the dark, I have to grope around for the mirror switch as it is not lit up.

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A question that has been asked many times by many RAV owners ... why oh why don't Toyota provide some form of illumination on all the switches on a RAV? No, it's not a fault on yours specifically, it's a common 'fault' / feature of them all ...

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