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Carina E keeps cutting out


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Thanks for the add

What could the issue be on a 1994 Carina E as it seems to ***** and eventually cut off after driving 10 miles or so? Below 10 miles it’s fine but as the car travels past this it starts to shudder and the engine turns off. Leave it for say a couple of minutes then restart the engine and it drives for a few yards then engine cuts out again. 
The distributor cap and rotor arm have been replaced but still having the same problem. Could a clogged catalytic converter be causing the exhaust gasses to return and causing this problem? 
Thanks in advance

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Get it looked at [independent garage with code reader]

If this is heat related - 10miles = a critical temperature somewhere - and is reliably repeatable.... Only during the first start away from stone cold.... then code reading will likely save you throwing a load of ££parts into the mix.

Get a picture up of your car..... We Like Pictures



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I meant,driving around the first 10 miles or so it’s fine,after that it starts to shudder and engine cuts off. I’ve checked the air filter which looks clean and have just bought a new exhaust cat. Old cat could be blocked by years of gasses so I’m hoping the new cat will fix the problem 

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