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Plug In 13A Charging lead length

Phil T

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I am about to change cars to a Plug in Prius. Can you tell me how long the 13Amp charge lead is ? Just need to know if I can plug it in to the domestic supply easily before I get round to having the Type 2 outlet installed.

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I can't measure mine exactly as it's strung up in the garage, but the total distance from wall socket to car socket is about six metres. That includes the first metre of cable with the control unit in it - just be aware that this needs to be attached to the wall as it's heavy, so depending on how you're intending to run the cable it might be safer to assume a length closer to five metres.


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Hi Phil,


I've just measured mine. It is actually seven metres, excluding the length of the plugs, with thee control box around 1/2 metres from the plug end.

The only available outdoor socket was about 15 metres from the nearest place I could get the car. So I bought a 10 metre IP rated extension lead to extend it to the plug. Unfortunately, the 13 amp plug on the granny lead is massive, making it totally impossible to close the cover on the extension socket. I ended up with a large plant pot (builders buckets weren't big enough) upside down over the plug and socket connection to keep it dry, with another over the control box where I also stored the car plug when not in use.

Less than ideal, but there were three RCDs in series before the car..

To play safe, I also reduced the charging current to 8 amps from the standard 10.

Fortunately, I had a proper charger installed just before the weekend. Not from Chargemaster - another story- but life is now a lot less stressful without having to crawl under hedges.

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A thanks. That’s what I was hoping to avoid, oh happy times. I was beginning to think I had done the wrong thing getting the plug in. But with 9 grand off the ex demo, and a good trade in on the old Prius it was hard refusing.

Just reading the handbook, great for insomnia 😚

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