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New Toyota owner 2013

Ray Bush

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Hi , I've very recently bought a 2013 Yaris and have a few questions which i'm sure you'll be able to answer.

Does the Yaris have rear wheel arch inners ,all the cars I've owned have had the thin plastic type and I've noticed that my car hasn't.

When I had a look at the space saver spare wheel it had an air compressor, a tin of the  foam that you pump into the tyre to seal a leak, the cars locking wheel nuts in a plastic box and the front towing eye, these were loose in the spare wheel. should there have been something to keep these in .or are they just laid loose in the spare wheel ,also I don't think that I have the correct fitting to hold the spare to the car all I've got is a bolt and a piece of wood holding the spare down .

There will be plenty of other questions i'm sure of that .Hope i'm on the correct forum.

Thank you.

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For a while, the Yaris was supplied with a tyre repair kit instead of a spacesaver spare wheel. It sounds as though a previous owner obtained a spare wheel, and secured it in a Heath Robinson fashion.

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