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Previa D4D turbo removal

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Following my previous post, (Intercooler Location), I was a bit hasty in saying that I had removed the old unit! What an awkward engine ti work on! So many virtually inaccessible bolts! The one that is finally causing all the problem is the 3rd stud holding the turbo to the manifold. I've managed to loosen the nut, but am wondering how the hell I will be able to put it back on as I cant get my fingers into the space!! It's under the two coolant pipes and I can'r remove the lower of the two nuts holding these pipes to the turbo, (hoped I would be able to access this once the turbo can be lifted up. Any advice anyone? No workshop manual available and Toyota tech require that my computer has Windows....I use a Mac!


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Sorry Tim..can't help on that one..and yes, these buses do have such difficult access to the oily bits...you need the arms and hands of a Barbie Doll..!

Mine's the V6 lump and I recall my garage having problems with simply renewing the spark plugs...well at least the back three.!..and why we decided to put in long life Denso Iridium ones...it's a job you wanna do as infrequently as possible.!

Good luck...and maybe it's worth begging or borrowing a Windows PC.!

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