Dean Allen

Max-Audio ACR50/ XR50 2006 - 2017 DLAA 8" Full HD replacement head unit

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Just bought our 2007 Estima Aeras, having had our Lucida for 15 years. has anyone bought an ACR50 XR50 head unit via Max-Audio? If so what was the result of changing it over? 

Was it easy to install yourself ? 

Was it reliable ? 

Did it do what you hoped ? 

Any issues/ negatives ? 

what were the positives (always good to end on positives ";0) 


Thanks Dean 



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Hi, and welcome to the ownership of an ACR50. I refrained from exchanging head units due to the features of my G spec (Park Assist, hard drive, three cameras) being lost if I did. Instead I have added a mirror link device to replicate my phone's display and a UK Digital TV unit which also picks up U.K. radio.

On the positive side, if you did swap head units over then you'll likely have UK radio reception, MP3 capability and UK Sat Nav.

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Hello Paul, 

Thanks for coming back so promptly. Yes heard about the possibility  of losing cameras, which I hope to avoid. Out of interest ,what type, how did you mirror link ? have you any tips, details on disarming the ECT prompt (Japanese when starting up) 

Any help, tips, info would be greatly appreciated...... 

I was hoping (but not had yet) some info back from Max-Audio on how to fit etc. their system, I have been pretty good with electrics, wiring (stereo's & AV) in the past, but hoped to get installation info, or plus and negatives from folks on here that may have purchase/ installed. 


Thanks Dean 


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