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Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience of changing the illumination on the heater controls and ashtray on 2003 hatch?

I know how to remove the trim to access the switches but for what seems to be 1.2W capless bulbs there is a step that I'm missing! The ashtray bulb doesn't want to budge so that I can pull it out without breaking, and heater bulbs can only seem to be replaced by some dismantling of the switch assembly. I appreciate photos would help here to illustrate my frustration but if anyone can give guidance it would be welcomed 🙂



Edit - a couple of photos from ebay. bulbs are underneath the circles in between the black controls


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example photos

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Its all detailed quiet well in the Haynes service manual 2002-6 Corolla edition.

First you need to pull off the center knob which reveals a screw which then allows the front panel to unclip and the heater controls move slightly forwards to reveal two securing screws, one at either side, not clear if you need to release both the cables to be able to get to get enough space to get to the  2 bulbs.

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As OC says, Haynes details it quite well.  May seem fiddly as you do it.

I had to replace the bulbs 3 years ago.  Main problem I experienced was removing the heater panel from the fascia, because of the 3 heater control cables.  I managed to twist the panel slightly to gain access to two fixing lugs, one of which then broke, but I did manage to remove the requisite holder to get to the bulbs.  Sorry it's a bit vague, but it's 3 years ago!

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