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Rear light wires


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Hi all,

I have a problem with the wiring regarding the back (drivers side) light.

On taking the light cluster out to change a bulb the top of the white plastic box came off and some wires fell out.

I know its a long shot, but does anyone know which position these wires should be put back? I cant find any info on the internet.

If not then unfortunately it will have to be a trip to the garage 😞 


Thanks in advance




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look at the passenger side rear light wiring plug i would of thought the colour coded wiring in the

plug would be in the same order, the other option would be to locate the earth wire and fit this wire in

the plug then turn a light on and find the wire with power on then put in the plug in different positions

untill the correct light is illuminated keep going until all wires have a home .

you will know which pin is the earth as all lights will be connected to this position in the plug.

i hope this helps you

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I generally try googling something like "Auris (or Corolla) rear light wiring images", and as often as not I get the info I need. Some of the results will be circuit diagrams, and others will be photo shots. Good luck!

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