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Toyota Campervan


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Hi All! Not sure if I've gone about this forum thing the right way but I'm the proud - and pretty excited - new owner of a Toyota HiAce Campervan! It's a 1996 Japanese import, model LH113-RRPES. Her name is Saoirse, which means 'Freedom' in Irish and we're looking forward to many future family holidays.

She's needing some work though and I've been searching high and low for replacement radiator hoses but can only find an American website so I was wondering if any of you might know of a good parts supplier in the UK or would know if the radiator hoses from another, more readily available model, would work?

Thank you, x


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Hi Viv.

Many car spares shops, Halfords for example sell a universal hose which is straight effectively but just bends as you want it to. Don't forget via this club to apply for a free Halfords discount card, you get very generous discounts even on push bikes too I believe, Frostyballs knows the exact discount given, it's something like 20%.

https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/flexible-rubber-coolant-hose is just one I picked out, just google 'universal ribbed car hoses uk', don't forget to buy new jubilee clips..

You will need to take your old ones off first to get the internal diameter.

Incidentally I love your camper.


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Welcome Viv,

Great van...and make a great camper.

However there aren't that many Hiaces around in the UK  (particularly of your vintage) and you won't always find it easy to source parts.

Some of the importers may be able to help...but you can buy from Japan using through the likes of Megazip...or maybe BBC spares is worth a look...toyodiy might be helpful to you too...just enter your Vin/Frame number (parts ref) and it should bring up your vehicle details.


here are some links that might help you..






It's always worth surfing on the likes of eBay too...you never know what you might find.

You can probably find most things...but it will often involve some legwork..lol

Enjoy the Hiace 


...that's a useful link from Mike above too.




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Thanks guys! 

That's really helpful straight away.

I'll try the universal one first then the parts websites.

Thanks for answering so quickly.


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Hi Viv.

Thanks for your appreciation..

Go for the hoses with the green stripe if I were you as they bend better.

Many of your hoses will be the same internal diameter so just add up all the lengths and add on a bit just in case and lots of jubilee clips!

Do let us know how you get on.


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