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Planning for Clean air Charges

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For people potentially affected by the charges in large cities, what are your strategy with older petrol and diesel Verso. 

I like my diesel Verso, but will get charge if I take the family to the city at the weekend soon. When I purchased this vehicle, my intention was to keep it low mileage as I only uses it for the weekend for transporting the family as this avoid us driving two cars, this eliminate the hassle of parking and more cost etc. I also use it for holidays as it has large boot space and allow us to put bikes racks.

But now the plan has changed since the council will be introducing clean air charges. 

This brings me to change my usage plan of the car. I am using it as my commute to work car and adding lot of mileage to it. Generally adding 17k miles per year now.

My thinking is that just make use of the Verso as possible before the council or government comes up with another compulsory banning of the vehicle.

What are your thoughts and comments?

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Since u cannot use it at the weekend going into town then u are doing the right thing by using it for commuting. I have a Yaris hybrid so this doesn't effect me, I would do what u r doing if I was in your situation.  

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